Pucker up Gold Lips Mug

Pucker up Gold Lips Mug

Pucker up! Any time of the day grab your gold lips mug and feel like royalty! A clear glaze over black polka dots - it’ll bring a smile to your face whenever you brew up.  


As with all of my tableware, some part of it won’t be glazed - therefore you will find some rough with the smooth! 

Each of my pieces is made by hand, so each one is a slightly different height and really is one of a kind - this adds to their quirky charm! They take a minimum of 200ml of liquid. 


With my work, if you see something you like, but the colour maybe isn’t right, or something else, let me know, I am always happy to accommodate a new idea! 


Please note, that most of my items are made to order, but there is also some stock. if your order allows, choose your quantity or message me for details of larger order. 

Hand wash and microwave recommended.